MindLink Golf is engaged in the untapped frontier of the golfing Mind. Mental-game performance is the frontline opportunity for overwhelming gains and personal benefits—our innovative App is designed to significantly improve golfer’s mindset.

The golfer’s brain—how golfers perceive/think during play—is the most important piece of golf equipment the golfer will ever own, yet there’s been minimal advancements and understanding in this vital area of game performance.

MindLink Golf has found solutions to golfer’s widespread mental quandaries. Our App will provide golfers with a unique “thought conditioning” process devised to enhance and strengthen—Healthy Mindfulness—in the same way how the game’s best players adapted and acquired their resilient mental characteristics.

Using the MindLink Golf App intuitively adjusts and enriches golfer’s perceptiveness (via neuroplasticity) to optimize cognitive golf performance. Simply put, MindLink Golf uses modern technology to help golfers think, focus and perform better—under pressure—on the golf course. The MindLink Golf system is the process that prompts golfers to access—then become grounded—in the “Present Shot Moment”, which is imperative to mitigate fear-based mental barriers and improve performance.

The MindLink Golf system advocates a paradigm shift necessary for golfers to emotionally detach from compulsive result-orientated thinking that accelerates hyperactive anxiety that holds most all golfers back from breaking through to reach optimal performance.